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Selection of organic fertilizer processing equipment

Le 01/04/2021

Generally speaking, the key equipment for bio-organic fertilizer production is the processing equipment before fermentation, mainly crushing and stirring equipment; the second is the turning equipment used during fermentation; the third is the deep processing equipment after fermentation, mainly the organic fertilizer granulator.

The quality of raw material processing in the early stage will directly affect subsequent production. There are various types of crushers for different materials to be crushed. For example, materials that tend to clump, long fibers, wood, etc., require different shredders. The mixing equipment can be selected according to the output. There are single continuous discharging and double interval discharging. The appropriate one can be selected according to the needs to improve production efficiency.

The fermentation process generally uses a trough-type stacker. The materials can be stacked in the trough to a higher height, which can save space and efficiently turn the stack. Of course, relatively flexible strip-stack fermentation can also be considered. This method has no special requirements on the site, But it occupies much larger area than tank fermentation.

In the deep processing stage after fermentation, that is, the fertilizer granulation process, the most important thing is the granulator machine for fertilizer. It depends on what kind of product is produced and what materials are added in it. There are dedicated organic fertilizer granulators and compound fertilizer granulators. These all correspond to materials suitable for production. Therefore, more investigations and comparisons are required when choosing bio-organic fertilizer production equipment.


Characteristics of rotary drum fertilizer granulation process

Le 01/04/2021

Characteristics of rotary drum fertilizer granulation process

1. The price of  fertilizer pellet machine  is low, good economic benefit and reliable performance

2. Small power, no waste discharge, stable operation, convenient maintenance, reasonable process layout, advanced technology and low production cost;

3. High ball forming strength, good appearance quality, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and low energy consumption;

4. The cylinder body adopts special rubber plate lining or acid resistant stainless steel lining plate, which realizes automatic scarring and tumor removal, and cancels the traditional scraper device;

Granulation principle of rotary drum fertilizer granulation process
The material enters the front end of the rotating cylinder through the feeding pipe (the inclination of the feeding pipe should be greater than the natural inclination of the material). The steam inlet pipe at the front end of the cylinder ejects water vapor with a certain pressure. The nozzle of the steam inlet pipe is located at the bottom of the material. And the steam has a certain pressure. Therefore, the material can obtain some water more evenly and form smaller particles. Because the cylinder has a certain slope. Under the action of gravity and lining friction, these small particles continuously move in the circumference and axis direction of the cylinder. In the movement, the small particles gradually form a certain size of particles.


How to choose a high quality organic fertilizer granulator?

Le 20/03/2021

The development prospects of the organic fertilizer granulator industry make the industry opportunities and challenges coexist. With the good momentum of formal development, many people have begun to invest and join, and problems will follow. A few houses, a few employees, and a few machines are known as China's good organic fertilizer granulator manufacturers. With the current convenient Internet marketing and promotion methods, their website can have a good ranking, but the products the quality of it needs to be investigated. Customers mostly rely on network information when choosing equipment. Many manufacturers of organic fertilizer granulators do not distinguish between propaganda and pictures, and customers hesitate to choose.
Below we make some suggestions on how to choose an organic 
fertilizer pellet machine:

1. It is important to see how strong the manufacturer is. The online publicity is the same? Don't worry, go to the factory to inspect the factory, equipment, and publicity pictures, and compare them, and you will know what you have in mind. Only regular large manufacturers have the strength to make professional organic fertilizer granulators and large-scale organic fertilizer production lines. After all, the cost of equipment is relatively high. It is impossible to complete the production of large-scale equipment without sufficient funds and space.

2. Look at the manufacturer's technical team. Only professional technicians can guarantee the advancement and stability of the equipment.

3. Look at the price. Granulator machine for fertilizer is different from daily consumer goods. Equipment that pays for what you pay for is here. Cheap equipment is even lower than the industry standard. Product quality needs to be considered. Problems with equipment operation can only be seen in future production. Come out, the loss caused by production delays will be even greater when the time comes.

4. Look at the service. From inspection and reception at the factory to answering professional technical questions, to a sound after-sales service team. No one can guarantee that the equipment will not malfunction due to many factors. If there is a problem with the organic fertilizer granulator, the key is whether the manufacturer can answer it in the first time and avoid production delays. Therefore, the majority of users have to conduct various investigations and comparisons according to their specific conditions to buy a good organic fertilizer granulator.


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